Help the Owlings take flight!


Because this is a self published book, I can use all of the help I can get in spreading the word.

You can read a blog post  here where I share some of the background behind this project, like the fact that atheistic authors like Richard Dawkins have set their sights on a younger audience. Like Dawkins, I think teaching worldview principles to younger readers is important. But I hold a fundamentally different view of the world than his. I’ve written this book so readers of all ages can consider the most fundamental worldview concept of all, the fact that nature is not all that exists. There’s more. And that is the most wonderful truth in all of the world.

Thank you to everyone who helped support this project! The book released the week of Thanksgiving 2014 and quickly climbed to the #1 spot on Amazon’s top new releases in its genre. The Owlings spent the next thirty days in the top ten of new releases in genre, mostly in the top three listings.

Here’s how you can continue to help support this work: 

1.) Buy the book – it’s available on Amazon here.

2.) Download the free discussion guide that I wrote for parents here.

3.) If you enjoy The Owlings, write a kind review on Amazon.

4.) If you are a part of a parent’s group at your church, school, or homeschool group, and you think this could be a helpful resource, please pass along the web address:

5.) Tweet the Owlings & share them on Facebook by clicking an icon below:





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